Texas Hunts  

Deer: Texas whitetails! We have a strong population of deer on the Ranch. We hunt all fair chase from stands or spot and stalk.

  • Archery Season: October
  • Rifle Season: November and December
  • $2,000 Includes a buck and a doe

Quail: Texas quail hunting at its finest. Hemphill County in the Texas panhandle is known for its great Bobwhite quail population. This will be a banner year for birds! Book your quail hunt today. We offer fully -guided hunts or you can run your dog on wild birds to sharpen him up for field trail season. We also offer horseback hunts.

  • Fully Guided Hunt $400/hunter per day
  • Dog training on wild birds $150/per day
  • Horseback Hunts $550/hunter per day

Turkey: The Ranch is home to the Rio Grand. We offer Fall and Spring Turkey hunts.

  • Turkey hunts: $750; 3 day hunt - two bird limit
Kevin's Buck kev's buck 2
hunter & buck hunter & buck 2
ric and buck kevin's buck
dec 07 hunt dec 07 hunt
Darrell's Buck Darrell's Buck 2
deer hunt
rh's buck
hunting prize

We have the birds and the grounds to develop excellent bird dogs. The Ranch in Allison Texas is loaded with Bobwhites. The grounds are also super to produce a great ground pattern on the dogs. Give us a call if you are interested in hunting or training your dog in Allison.