I have been bird hunting as long as I remember. I first chased birds with a Springer Spaniel. I then discovered pointing dogs. To me, nothing compares to watching a dog work in the field with his tail crackin' with an unbelievable desire to find and point birds. I also enjoy field trialing my dogs. The field trials allow me to run
the dogs most of the year. It is also a great chance to compete with some of the best dogs in the country. Many thanks to Terry Krommenhoek for getting me started in Field Trials and to George Newcomb for continually teaching me how to develop great dogs. I trial English Pointers in horseback trials. I attend many championships each year and enjoy running the dogs. I am also the secretary for the Lonestar Shooting Dog Club. The club sponsors trails in Allison each year. I hunt every dog I trial and never get tired of the covey rise!
dan buddy Ranch Hand
Capital Market Maker
At Stud
Superstition's Desert Hawk
At Stud
CH Ranch Hand
At Stud
Superstition's Magic Man "Sunny" Kate  

rock acre duramax
Superstition's Hippichick    
Superstition's Hippichick    

Rock Acre
  Ch. Lester's Mustang  

We have the birds and the grounds to develop excellent bird dogs. The Ranch in Allison Texas is loaded with Bobwhites. The grounds are also super to produce a great ground pattern on the dogs. Give us a call if you are interested in hunting or training your dog in Allison.