We are located in Gilbert, Arizona and also have hunting property in Allison, Texas. The 6400 acres of private property in Allison is located in Hemphill County. Hemphill County is known for its great bird hunting. We have great numbers of Bobwhite quail and Lesser Prairie Chickens. We are receiving timely rains this spring and expect a bumper crop of wild birds for this fall hunting season.
We also do quite a bit of quail hunting in Arizona on their three main species of wild birds Gamble's, Mearn's and scaled quail. Chasing these wild birds around the desert can prove quite a challenge. We couldn't do it with out the help of super bird dogs. If you are interested in a hunt or just training your dog on wild birds - Contact Us.


1st Place - Broomhill Open All age - Dan

1st Place - Raymond Rucker Amt. Shooting Dog - Buddy

3rd Place - Raymond Rucker Amt. Shooting Dog - Sunny

2nd Place - Raymond Rucker Amt. Derby-Lila

3rd Place at Sunflower Amt Trial - Ace

What a great start to the field trial season.

dream girl

5 X Champion Rock Acre Dream Girl

CH Ranch Hand wins the Texas Open Shooting Dog Championship

CH Ranch Hand - 3rd Place at Sunflower Amt Trial

Ranch Hand

CH Ranch Hand

Buddy wins 1st Place - at the Raymond Rucker Amt. Shooting Dog!!



Superstition's Desert Hawk at Stud

Capitals Market Maker
Wins Broomhill Open All age.

Capitals Market Maker
Wins Saskatchewan
Open Derby.

Dan Capitals Market Maker

Capitals Market Maker

at Stud.


Texas Hunts


hunting dog on point

We have the birds and the grounds to develop excellent bird dogs. The Ranch in Allison Texas is loaded with Bobwhites. The grounds are also super to produce a great ground pattern on the dogs. Give us a call if you are interested in hunting or training your dog in Allison.

hunting dog


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